Douglas Farrow

The Hole in your Culture

This lecture concerns the present, the way we arrived at the present, and whether we might avoid a future such as Leonard Cohen envisages in The Future. Solovyov, Eliot, Chesterton, Dawson, and Lewis will serve as guides.

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Dr. Douglas Farrow

Douglas Farrow is Professor of Theology and Ethics at McGill University in Montreal and sometime holder of the Kennedy Smith Chair in Catholic Studies. He received his PhD from King’s College London and taught there before returning to Canada in 1998. He works in historical and systematic theology, theological anthropology and ethics, and political theology. His recent books include Ascension Theology; Desiring a Better Country; Theological Negotiations: Proposals in Soteriology and Anthropology; and 1&2 Thessalonians in the Brazos series. Professor Farrow writes actively on Substack as well as publishing in both academic and popular journals. He received a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medal for his contributions to public discourse on social issues and is a contributer to the forthcoming Oxford University Press volume on Christianity and Constitutionalism.