Iva Apostolova

Wittgenstein’s On Certainty:

A Compass to Value Pluralism or Throwing the Towel on Politics and Morality Altogether?

I will ground my discussion in selected passages from Wittgenstein’s On Certainty as well as the Philosophical Investigations. My goal is to expose and rehash a long-standing debate in the literature of whether Wittgenstein’s philosophy has any normative and/or political implications. In other words, the question I will be exploring is, ultimately, whether Wittgenstein’s philosophy can teach us anything about morality and politics. I will do this through the prism of the more technical discussion of value pluralism ascribed to Wittgenstein’s later philosophy.

Dr. Iva Apostolova

Iva Apostolova is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Dominican University College. Her doctoral dissertation was on Bertrand Russell’s theory of knowledge under the supervision of Dr. Paul Forster at University of Ottawa. Her areas of competence are Analytic Philosophy, especially Early Analytic Philosophy, Philosophy of Memory, Philosophy of Mind, Feminist Thought, and Ethics of Care. Her research profile includes publications in Russell: The Journal of Bertrand Russell Studies, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly, De Gruyter’s Metaphysica, and Bioethics. She has co-edited three volumes and has contributed to a number of chapter books, most recently a highly anticipated Oxford University Press volume on Feminist Philosophy of Mind. Her most recent work is focused on memory, the history of analytic philosophy, and epistemology. Dr. Apostolova has always enjoyed collaborative work with both colleagues and students alike, resulting in a number of co-authored publications.