Stoyan Tanev

Apophaticism in Wittgenstein, Orthodox Theology and Quantum Physics

I will describe an Analogical Comparative Theological Approach (ACTA) to the encounter between theology and physics and will apply it to examining the understanding of apophaticism in Wittgenstein, Orthodox Theology and Quantum Physics. The idea is to demonstrate the value of such interdisciplinary endeavour for the emergence of a theologically informed scientific culture which, in the context of the suggested topic, could benefit from Wittgenstein’s philosophical insights in articulating an apophatic perspective on reality. The choice of the topic reflects a renewed interest in apophaticism which emerges as an inherent part of the ways of human knowing against a mere reference to challenges of representation, different forms of agnosticism or pluralistic relativism.

Dr. Stoyan Tanev

Stoyan Tanev, PhD, MSc, MEng, MA, is Associate Professor of Technology Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management associated with the Technology Innovation Management (TIM) Program, Sprott School of Business, Carleton University, Ottawa, ON, Canada. Dr. Tanev is also Adjunct Professor in the Faculties of Theology of St Paul University in Ottawa and Sofia University in Bulgaria. Before re-joining Carleton University, Dr. Tanev was part of the Innovation and Design Engineering Section, Faculty of Engineering, University of Southern Denmark, Odense, Denmark.

Dr. Tanev has a multidisciplinary background including MSc in Physics (Sofia University, Bulgaria), PhD in Physics (1995, University Pierre and Marie Curie, Paris, France, co-awarded by Sofia University, Bulgaria), MEng in Technology Management (2005, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada), MA in Orthodox Theology (2009, University of Sherbrooke, Montreal Campus, QC, Canada) and PhD in Theology (2012, Sofia University, Bulgaria).

Dr. Tanev's current research interests are in the fields of technology entrepreneurship and innovation management, business analytics and text mining. His theological interests are in contemporary Orthodox theology, the science and theology dialogue, philosophy of religion, and comparative theology. Dr. Tanev is author of the book Energy in Orthodox Theology and Physics: From Controversy to Encounter, Pickwick Publications, 2017.